Tour of Montségur

Tour of the ruins of the hilltop Château-fort (castle) of Montségur III and vestiges of the castrum of Montségur II and the museum at Montségur.

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Tour Options

  • One-day scheduled tours
  • One day of one-Week scheduled tours
  • One day of Private tours

This tour is usually combined with a visit to Puivert or to Montaillou or to Foix




Difficulty Rating

Moderate walk, rough paths, mostly without handrails. c45 mins hilly access




Scheduled Tour Dates & Times

Available as scheduled and private tours

Times for the day tour: 9am - 5 pm (including a second location in the afternoon)




What You'll See and Do

  • See route taken by the crusaders who besieged Montségur
  • Walk the route up the Pog of Montségur
  • Visit the memorials to the events of 1244 at Montségur
  • Visit the Château-fort (castle) of Montségur III
  • Visit the Vestiges of the castrum of Montségur II
  • Visit the modern village of Montségur (if time allows)
  • Visit the museum at Montségur (if time allows)




What You'll Learn About

  • The history of Montségur
  • The medieval Lords of Montségur
  • The commissioning of Montségur II
  • Montségur and the Albigensian Crusade
  • "Faidits"
  • Medieval sieges of Montségur
  • The Viscount's War of 1240
  • Montségur and the The Count's War of 1242
  • The Massacre at Avignonet and its relevance
  • The residents of Montségur - Cathar "Perfects" and the military garrison.
  • The siege of Montségur, 1243-44 - siege warfare, weaponry, armour
  • The architecture and defence of the castle at Montségur - barbicans, castle design
  • The Roc de la Tor and its significance
  • Rendition of Montségur 1244
  • Massacre at Montségur 1244
  • Aftermath - the building of Montségur II




Tour Start Point

Information board at the start of the path to the château,
Montségur 09300

Lat. N 42.874356
Long. E 1.827494




Tour Leader

The tour is lead by the author and historian James McDonald >>>


Model of Montségur III when constructed.




Memorial stone below the Castle of Montségur



Original quarrels + reproduction crossbow at the Museum at Montségur


The Museum at Montsegur - trebuchet stones recovered from Montségur



The Museum at Montsegur - Skeletons of a man and woman, killed at Montségur - probably Cathars shot during the siege of 1243-4.


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